25 – 27 January 2024

Information to participants

MK VMT Jämtland are proud to welcome you to Östersund Winter Eco Rally.

We hope that we can perform a different rally with other conditions than in the south of Europe.

Our volunteers are proud to host all participants and we will do our very best to give you a nice experience at winter conditions.

Things to know when you come to Sweden

Be on time

It is common knowledge here that ‘time’ should be respected at all times – regardless of whether you’re going for an interview or a friendly fika. Meetings will start on time with or without you. The bus leaves on time with or without you. Swedes value punctuality.

Tap water is better than bottled

Drinking straight from the tap is the norm in Sweden. The tap water in Östersund is very clean and fresh, so you can save both your money and our environment by not buying bottled water while you are here.

Keep that plastic bag

Think twice before you throw away a plastic bag. Most Swedish grocery stores charge you for plastic or paper bags to keep waste low and encourage recycling. Swedes like to keep it sustainable.

Cash is no longer king in Sweden

Ask a Swede when they last paid for something in cash. The probable answer is last month or week. Digital payments via card or mobile apps are so common and trusted that many Swedes no longer carry cash. We even let our kids pay with cards.
Most retailers prefer handling less cash. Swish and mobile payment methods such as iZettle make it easier for small business owners to operate cash-free.

Bring warm clothes and shoes

It can be cold in Sweden so take warm shoes and warm clothes with you.


Almost everyone speaks English. A lot of people speak deutch and a few speaks french.

Weather in Östersund

When you come to Östersund it will be snow in the Landscape. The temperature can be as low as -30 celcius degrees. But now  the forecast says about 2-10 minus degrees. The roads that you will drive will almost be covered with snow.

Driving on the lakes

If you wan´t to try driving on a lake  we can will have a special leg on a lake nearby Östersund short after the rally just 20 min from Östersund.

There will be a special winning price for that leg

We like to go by ski, look what is necessary

Östersund is famous for their good crosscountry skiers and our very good athletes in Biathlon. In Östersund we have 8 gold medalist from the Olympic Games in Beijing 2022.

On Thursday 25 january you are invited to visit our Swedish National Winter Sport Center at the Mid Sweden University. We will show you a special windtunnel for skiers.

We will start at Clarion Hotel at 19.15 and walk about 15 min to the University. There you will see how some of the best athletes in wintersports in the world are training and testing in a wind tunnel.

The tour will take about one hour so you will be back at the hotel before 21.00.

Please tell us at the administrative check in if you wan´t to participate.


If you will be with us in the closing banquet and you want special food. Please inform us when you are checking in for the Rally.


We will inform you that this is an FIA arrangement. Because of that we can have dopingtests done from the antidoping organization

Very welcome to the county of Jämtland and Östersund!