26 – 28 January 2023

Bulletins and circulars

Bulletin one

General Warning that some of the roads has been snow ploughed wider than the actual road. Please drive in the middle of the road and avoid cutting corners. 
Östersund 2023-01-24

Bulletin two

The FIA VISA nr is:  01EcoRallySWE20230123
Sponsors on cars are Promeister and INTEA.
Steward 1       Lars-Ola Eriksson
Steward 2       Jonas Öhman
Competitor Relations Officer: Mats Wallin, wallin.m@telia.com
New official supporter is Promeister.
Östersund 2023-01-24

Bulletin three

Nous vous informons que, compte tenu des circonstances spécifiques de l’Östersund ecoRally, l’Indice de performance énergétique sera mesuré sur l’ensemble de l’itinéraire de l’épreuve, et pas seulement lors des spéciales de régularité. Les dispositifs de mesure de la consommation seront toutefois installés dans toutes les voitures.

We inform you that given the specific circumstances of the Östersund Eco Rally, the Energy Performance Index will be measured throughout the entire itinerary of the event, and not only on the regularity stages. However, the consumption measurement devices will be installed in all cars.

Bulletin four

Bulletin five

Bulletin sex

We want one of all crews at the parkferme at 07:30 according to artikel 9 in Supplementary Regulations.

Bulletin seven

Scrutineering team