25 – 27 January 2024

Dear Eco Rally Friends!

Welcome to Östersund Winter Eco Rally 2024

We are proud to announce that Östersund has been chosen to host Winter Eco Rally in the FIA Electric and New Energy Cup.

The competitions start Thursday 25 January and end Saturday 27 January.

MK VMT Jämtland have hosted numerous rally events since 2011, when we started our club. Arranging competitions in an arctic climate is challenging. The snow and the cold are factors that makes this hugely demanding. Our track record proves we have the skill set and the experience needed to be successful!

Environmental engagement is an important corner stone in all our events and competitions. 

Furthermore, the Östersund Winter Eco Rally will be the first event in the cup with 100 percent wind- and hydro power energy.

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 From the bottom of our hearts, welcome to Östersund!



Questions? Contact: info@winterecorally.se